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Monday, August 8, 2011

On 5:36 PM by Filbert Alexander in , ,    4 comments
Now,with Modern computer technology, we can play NDS Harvest Moon game (Optional) in our PC...

ok, i will explain to you how can you do that..
first, u need a NDS Emulator to Run a NDS ROM in Computer..
Download NDS Emulator Here

after that, unpack the zip NDS Emulator file by using WINRAR
Download WINRAR here and then install
after download that, right click on NDS Emu ,choose extract here.
You will get the *EXE file

after that u must Download the ROM file,
Download Harvest Moon DS ROM HERE

alright, now take a breath first because you don't need to bus a NDS and save your money for future. ;)

Open the NDS emulator.
after that, click on File, then Open ROM
choose the Harvest Moon ROM( No need to Unzip), after that, there will be a pop up box, just choose *NDS format file.

TADAA :)))
You can play the Harvest Moon now..
Read the walkthrough of Harvest Moon NDS in my next post..

see ya ;)