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Sunday, August 7, 2011

On 10:37 AM by Filbert Alexander in ,    1 comment

Today i wanna share to you a Strong Anti virus in the world.It have anti virus, Anti trojan, Anti malware, and web Protection too. This is Norton 360 v5.1 Premier Edition. Here is the Trial Reseter too, so you must Reset the Norton before the trial time end. If your trial time end, u must Uninstal the Norton with Norton Uninstaler and then install again .

The way are first, restart comp, then, run then instal Norton. Choose Miscellaneous
settings, turn off the Norton Product Tamper Protection

then, run the Norton Trial Reseter, choose install. ( Make sure that Norton isn't in Update progress or Scanning )

After that, enjoy your free Norton 360 :D

Download Norton 360 v5.1 Premier Here 116 MB

Download Norton Trial Reseter Here

Want to Download the Updater here

1 comment:

  1. payah punya masa ada tulisan dytoshare wkwkwk