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Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Friends you all know about the mobile phone giant Nokia.It is one among the renowned mobile phone manufacturers,Nokia’s series 40 phones are very popular because of its low cost and high efficiency,but these are not smartphones which are used to do heavy computing,rather this are just an jvm(java virtual machine) based mobiles used as multimedia phones,but it is not at all designed for multitasking but now our s40 geeks found an new way for multitasking with least effects on your phone,I’ll tell you how.
S40 hacking

security system of s40 phones are designed in such a way that for every single change the phone will ask the user to give permission,sometimes its very annoying while using unsigned application so you need to hack phones security,
to hack phones security you need J.A.F software and a computer,I’ll explain the procedure in steps.

step 1:

install j.a.f and run it through Pkey,now connect your phone,goto “BB5″ column,and tick “read pp” button and hit service

now you will get pp file of your phone and save it,now open that file with any text editors such as notepad,word-pad, or you must be some what careful here,

for s40 v3 phones change the value of 28th line to 2 from 1,that is “28 2″
for s40 v5 and v6 phones change the value of 48th line to 2,that is “48 2″

some phones show only three fields on their pp file,then just add 48 2 below set 1 like this

step 2:
now tick upload pp then hit service button,your phone will now go into test mode an pop window will come and select the edited pp,J.A.F will upload pp file to your phone,and phone will restart automatically,that’s it now you hacked your phones security.

After you hacked you phones security then take the application you want to minimize ,then extract that jar file to a folder then modify “” file of that jar file,it is found inside manifest folder,then add this code at very last line of the file

Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: True

make sure that ‘MID’ in above code are in capitals,

now repack that jar file and install it in your mobile,then just run the application now just press red button the application will not ask you to exit this time rather it disappears(minimizes),click on the application again to restore it.
multitasking works only with s40 v5 and higher phones,but you can hack security of any s40 phones


  1. will it make the processing or performance slower

    1. Ofcourse, because every apps that running will consume the memory of processor.. Just keep the apps that running on ur phone less than 5 apps...